Phosphorous Bronze Feed Screw
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Services & Capabilities
Screw / Barrel & Feed Throat Rebuild & Repair

Recondition your old screws, barrels and feed throats to like new condition.

Tie Bar Repair

Recondition your old tie bars. Remove seized nuts and recondition threads & chrome.

On site Inspection / Assessment

Although it is preferred to do parts assessments in our plant as our inspection area is well suited for complete and thorough inspections, a general inspection of your screws and barrels can be performed in your plant. We have our qualified technician come onsite to measure the screw OD, along its entire length and the barrel I.D at key depths - at the typical wear areas.

Parts are also visually inspected, and evident defects are noted eg. chips, broken areas, severe wear etc..

The general conditions of the parts are discussed, then followed-up with our report and a quotation of our recommendations.

There is a modest charge for this service. When your parts are sent to our plant for inspection and assessment, this service is complimentary.

Laser Bore Alignment

Have our qualified technician laser align your extruder barrel to the rotation of the gear box on site. This is required when the extruder is newly installed, moved or anytime the gear box, feed throat or barrel have been removed for service or replaced.

Precision Machining Services

In the plastics industry we are recognized as a leading manufacturer of precision feed screws & barrels. As a direct result of our expertise in manufacturing parts with very stringent straightness, concentricity, and wall thickness controls, we are able to produce such a broad range of sophisticated shafting components.

Our shaft turning & milling capabilities range from 1" to 36" in diameter and 1' to 40' in length.

Components supplied by Canadian Feed Screws include: Aerospace, Oil Field / Mining and Nuclear

Large DIA. Shaft Work
CNC Milling
CNC Turning
CNC Grinding
CNC Polishing
CNC Drilling
CNC Threading
CNC Spline Hobbing
CNC Deep Hole Gundrilling
CNC Deep Hole Trepaning
Surface Treatments
Plasma Transfer Arc Welding
Precipitation Hardening
Chrome Plating (Large DIA. Shafts)
General Services
Heavy Component Straightening
500 Ton Press
Shaft Hardening
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